Friday, January 11, 2013

Sew Along for Project Run and Play: Pattern Remix Challenge

Inspirations for Dress

I decided to do a sew along for Project Run and Play.  The first challenge is to use the Cottage Home's pattern for the Party Dress (Here) and remix it into something else.   I decided to keep the theme of the "party" dress but change a few elements.  My inspirations were these cotton organic baby tights I found on clearance at a local shop.  They have a black background with purple cables and purple diamonds in a vertical pattern up the tights.  I also found this beautiful satin which is not a perfect match but close enough for me! 

 I will say this has been one of my most challenging dresses.  Not because of the actual sewing but the time to sew.  My family came down with the stomach flu on monday....Perfect timing! LOL.  So I have been sewing between my kids sicknesses and myself.  Anyhow, back to the dress details.  

Here is a picture of my original design drawing. I altered a few things along the way, which you will notice in the pictures later..

The Final Product

And here is the finished dress.  (Sorry no modeling yet....she's still sick.) 
Back view

For the front of the dress, I cut out the Center of the Bodice front and did what I call fabric oragami.  It's a process of folding and pressing the fabric into a shape.  I wanted triangles to go along with the diamonds in the tights. These triangles are stacked until they appear to be weaving in and out.  

Front Bodice of Dress.

For the skirt, I decided to use two skirts.  The underskirt is black and the purple material was on top of that. I decided to use ribbon and do a "pull up" technique on the sides of the dress to let the black satin show a little more. 

For the back of the dress, I used some antique buttons I had bought at an estate sale.  These just seemed to look elegant and go with the overall theme of the dress.

And so there you have it.  One sew along completed and I look forward to completing the next challenge.  So stay tuned...and be Sew Hungry for More..


Update:  Here are some photos we snapped this morning.  I didn't use the tights because here in lovely Florida tradition, the weather decided to be like 80 degrees out!!!

Back of the dress

Too Cute and Rotten!!