Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on that outfit I traced..

By the way, here is a picture of my daughter's outfit that I used for the "How not to cut tissue paper pattern" tip. She wore it to a church Easter egg hunt.
Enjoy and come back...Sew Hungry for More.

Organized Sewing Room...Sort Of

Like many other bloggers...I have a sewing room. My husband sometimes kindly refers to it as my "junk" room! Because for some reason, it always ends up messy...the creative part of me sometimes doesn't care. Then other times the OCD in me says "Get your room clean!" So for now, it's clean, organized (for the most part) and ready for me to start sewing a little more. (Of course, I drafted this article a few weeks ago and I now have homeschooling books and things to sort through in boxes on the floor! Ugh..a Moms work is never done!)

Here's a few picture of the main ways I do organize the room. My friend gave me this older entertainment unit. I found out that my plastic containers fit really well inside once I took out the shelf the TV was orginally on top. I organize a lot of trims, ribbons and other craft like materials in the drawers.

I use these metal racks to organize all my material in the room. It's not the "purdy" way, but for me it's the practical way. You can purchase this huge 5 shelf racks at home depot for $75 to $100 each or find on craigslist for cheaper. They are strong, they have wheels for moving and being against the wall securly, I know they can't fall over like bookcases of fabric would.

I do make use of some spool holders and I have an older sewing table with a bench. Both of which I hope to repaint/refinish someday. As you can see, I have some patterns on my desk and measurements pinned to the back wall. I own a Janome machine which I actually got for FREE when I bought their serger one year! It works and has an automatic buttonholer so, I'm happy!

What you don't see is that I probably have like 40 projects that are unfinished!! YIKES. That happened when we stored our stuff after our first move. I couldn't find half of the projects I started! So I just opened another box and Viola...UGH...Baby projects I no longer need for my babies. (sniff, sniff) I am hoping I can recycle, up-cycle, or even finish for a baby gift. After all they have been cut out and some were even started on. I guess in hindsight, I need to cut out less and sew more. Finish more. I need to be more OCD on my UFOs! (Un Finished Objects!haha)

But I do have plans for most of my material. It's all in my brain somewhere. And I also will be sewing for my daughter's Bible Camp in July. (I sewed last year but didn't get any pictures from the camp...this year, I'm bringing my camera.) Our theme is Pirates, so we will see how that goes.