Friday, January 25, 2013

PR&P Sew Along: Boys Week

Boys Week and a gift for missions

This week was boys week for Project Run and Play.  The challenge was anything boyish.  I decided to make a baby boy outfit with some material I found on sale.  I thought I would make my own applique and decided to use a bear on the outfit.   This time I followed a pattern book (Baby Couture by Samantha McNesby) and did a few minor alterations to the garmets.  The book includes a very simple baby jacket which was easy to make and gives lots of room for customizing.   So here is the complete gift "set".  I made a raglan t-shirt (pattern by Kwik Sew), a jacket lined with t-shirt material, a pair of pants and a bib to match.

A view of the t-shirt placed inside the jacket.
A close up of the t-shirt.  I used brown ribbing which (ugh) is blending in with the color of the table. And I used bias strips to add a detail to the front.

This is a back view of the jacket with t-shirt and pants.

Now if you have read my blog, you know I only have two girls.   God layed upon my heart to make an outfit for a baby boy and give as a gift.  I wasn't sure who to give it to until Wednesday night service.  Reverand Doctor Epratha Sarathy Th.D. came to speak about his ministry as a pastor in India.  He is part of Jane India Missions.  They "plant" churches throughout India and they also run over 300 medical camps to assist the poor with medical care.   One of the things Dr. Sarathy spoke about was the number of orphans in India due to the high rate of HIV/Aids.   In fact, Dr. Sarathy and his wife have 17 orphans living in their home/church building!!  (If you would like to know more about this mission, please visit here.)  I also asked the pastor what a bear would mean in the Hindu religion. (Afterall, you would not want to give a gift that had an "evil" spirit attached to it if a non-Christian were to accept it.)  The bear actually represents strength and courage!  So I am packing this outift to send back with Dr. Sarathy on Sunday and pray it meets the needs of a little boy.  I also pray that he someday has the strength and courage to follow Christ.   

Next week is valentines week....can't wait to sew together the outfit for my eldest daughter.  I think we will also accessorize this time! So stay tuned and come back Sew Hungry for More!  AKH.