Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sew Along: Dots and Stripes


The challenge this week on Season 6, Week 2 of Project Run and Play (here) was something with Dots and Stripes.  I looked around my stash and did not see any dots or stripes that spoke to me.  My older daughter loves color and she loves rainbows.  So my first thought was a rainbow type theme but I didn't want to do a my little pony dress for this challenge.  Haha.  So I was trying to think about sewing ahead for spring/summer and what theme would meet the challenge.   Then it hit me...Lollipops!  So I wanted to do dots and stripes with a lollipop theme dress for spring or summer.  I also wanted to do something my daughter could romp around in and not just for church on Sunday so, I decided on a modified t-shirt dress.

Here, once more, is my sketch

Detail of the sleeve with ribbon detail.

 Here is the Finished Dress

My own applique.  This time it's layered circles in fabric.

I also combined ribbing colors on the neck for a more interesting twist on the t-shirt dress.

Silly Girl!  My model.

This was fun.  I enjoyed the sewing and my daughter dancing around excitedly in her new dress.  She loves comfy mommy made t-shirt dresses.  No thrifting or cutting corners on this one...all from scratch.

Next week's challenge is Boy's week and I am doing a gift for a friend.  So come back...Sew Hungry For More..AKH.