Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A road bump - please say a prayer for us

As I am finishing up my valentines dress for Project Run and Play....I have had some serious bumps in the road this week...

First of all my husband brought home a flu type virus which landed him a fever for three days, then transferred to baby - still recovering and now big sister has it!  (She's in bed as I write.)   I am praying that my multi-vitamins will ward this away but I am now coughing!  UGH!   I can't stand getting sick....I don't have time for it!  (LOL)  But it happens.

However, I am not writing tonight to share the flu bug.   I wanted to write about my husband's condition.  My husband has a degenerative cornea issue. (That's right - his eyesight is failing.)  Last year, we discovered his glasses were not working.  He went to the eye doctor for a usual check up and told him that he needed to see an eye surgeon and get checked out.   After the appointment we were told he would need a channel dug in each cornea to prevent his cornea's from coning out.    We were also told though that he could try hard contacts and this might help prevent further damage, but also the doctor could not say or predict how long it would take for his eyesight to worsen.    

Today, my husband went for a check up and found out he needs a cornea transplant in his right eye as well as the channeling surgery for his left eye.    He was asked to try a few things first and he has a check up again in a few months to schedule surgery.    

So please say a prayer for our family.   We have no idea how much the surgery will cost and how we will pay for it.   

Sew for now I'm trying to keep my head up and keep positive....and keep sewing.  Thanks for reading.