Saturday, September 21, 2013

PR&P Sew Along: Candy Inspired Look - The Sugar Plum Fairy

When thinking about this challenge, I was sort of stumped. Mainly because my older daughter has had an outfit with candy corn or candy canes for most years of her life!! And since I try to do hand-me-downs, I wasn't going to make another one for little sissy. So this was a think out of the box one for me. I tried to think of different outfits and dresses but was just wishy washy about which one to do. Then as my girls decided to play ballerina in the living hit me. I needed a halloween costume for the older one and well what it's more candy inspired than the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. I researched the web for pictures of some real ballerina costumes. Here is one from the New York ballet. (source: )
Now even though most of us think of a plum as purple, most all of the costumes I researched were pink and we all know ballerina's are pink, right? (According to my oldest this is fact that a ballerina is pink. haha) I also wanted a costume for her that was modest and warm enough to wear if there was a cold breeze on halloween night. I came up with the idea of using a t-shirt pattern and making an applique leotard on top of the t-shirt. It gives the appearance of the costume and of "skin" where the costume ends. I used pink satin for the skirt with an overlay of ballerina stretch see-through knit. To give the ballerina skirt that puffy appearance, we placed her old handmade tutu underneath. (That tutu is one away from the trashcan so this is a great way to recycle it one more time!) Ok, enough is the outfit in it's finished form:
And yet another photo:
And here is a photo of little sissy as she dances in a hand-me-down made for Big Sis a few years earlier... (Too busy to stay still!! haha)
Of course, I didn't get it finished until today. Little Sis had a fever and it was impossible to try and finish it Thursday when she was still feeling miserable. Oh, well..hopefully I'll get it together for this next sew along.. Visit frequently for Sew Much More to Come..AKH