Friday, September 5, 2014

Day Five of Blogtember challenge: Passions

Today's question is what am I passionate about? But first let us look at the definition. To be passionate means showing or caused by strong feelings or beliefs. Some synonyms of the word in English are: intense, heated, emotional, eager, excited, wild, spirited, consuming and heartfelt. When you also Google the definition of passion, you will find two separate definitions. One is to have a strong and barely controllable emotion. The second definition is the suffering and death of Jesus Christ and refers to agony or suffering of Christ. This is because the true Greek word when used in the Bible (KJV) has the root of suffering.

So really after reading the definition, if I am a true Christian, I should be reminded of Christ's death for me and my sins. He suffered for me. He was passionate about showing his love to the world and dying on the cross so that man could be saved. If you have ever seen the movie "The Passion" or have ever really read the scriptures regarding Christ's death...that's true Passion!

Since he had that passion for us...why do some of us no longer delight in having that same passion for him? I know that I am reading my bible, praying, having quiet time and trying to truly live for the Lord. That's where my true passion should be. Not in things or this world or of situations or people I have no control over. I should be passionate about his love, his word, and his plans for me and my family. While it is easier to say/write about that passion, I am trying to be more passionate daily and turn to him rather than to the world.

God Bless all and come back Sew Hungry for More!