Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blogtember Challenge: Day Three: When I grow up

Day Three of the blogtember challenge is "When I grow up, I want to be.." Honestly, that has somewhat changed since I was five years old but then again it has not. I always wanted to fly and I've had that chance. I wouldn't mind completing my private pilot license but i don't know that I would want to make it a job. That might make it boring because someone else would control the destination. I would prefer flying a private plane so I could fly where and when I want to. Yes, I do need the wind beneath my wings.(Insert Bette Midler song here) haha.

My real dream since sewing over the years has been to be a fashion designer. I don't know if I would do just children's clothing or move on to ladies fashions. It's a toss-up! I like kids fashions because they are usually easier to sew and fit! We as ladies understand that the more curves, the more sewing problems! This is why most models are stick figures and not real women. Wops did I just say that! LOL

My other dream is to teach kids or teenagers to sew. In my local county, there are no more sewing classes or even home-economics courses. Yes, we have Joann fabrics and quilting shops but they are not really teaching kids much about sewing. I don't know many teenagers that want to sew a pillowcase as their only project. My mother said when she was a girl they had home-ec classes in the basement of their church. A majority of girls in the church participated and therefore learned to really sew. Maybe it's an older tradition, but I think these teenagers need something to keep their fingers busy - things other than cell phones!

Another passion of mine are my girls and kids in general. I love seeing a smiling face. I know so many parents that don't allow their kids to play with playdough because they are afraid to mess up the carpet! Really?! I also have a heart for orphans...maybe someday when I have a million dollar mansion, I will fill it up with bunk beds and kids! :) Then I'll stay up all night to sew them all nice wardrobes! Or maybe I'll just wait til I get to heaven and God will let me sew the choir robes!

Ok, so back off my cloud and down to earth....I have passions for different things but now is not the time or the season. God's plan and purpose for me right now is my family. To be my husband's help mate and my daughters mother. All of which I try to do everyday and will until God reveals another purpose for my life. Well, see you tomorrow and come back...Sew Hungry For More!