Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lots of Changes around here

Wow is it April 2015 already? Valentines Day is over, Easter is over. I sewed dresses for both but didn't have our camera handy. So I will have to bug relatives for a few photos to post of those. In the mean time, let me catch you up on us.

January: We all got sick with strep throat. I so LOATHE that sickness. We were all running fevers and we missed quite a bit of homeschool. However, we probably watched Frozen at least a dozen times. My husband was also asked to lead music at our Church. Previously, he lead music at our church and two others off and on for 15 years. He was a worship leader when we met. But this time, things are different. God's been knocking on his heart for years about going into ministry. He's always had an excuse or a reason. But I'm happy to say, He had answered the calling and is not just leading music at the church but attending seminary classes online. We are rolling with the punches for now, trying to get him back to full time work and working around his eyesight problems until his vision is back to 100% with new glasses. We know God has a plan so we are "All In".

February: I made valentines dresses. Love was in the air. Things were great. Until our Scottish Terrier of 8 years got VERY sick. She blew up like a balloon. We took her to an expensive vet. After $500 worth of testing, they discovered her liver had probably failed and there was nothing anyone could do. She stopped eating and we decided to put her down. Sorrow was in the air. We all cried. The girls slept with us for two nights crying. I think it was about a week before we all really moved on. We still miss her. She was our family dog. She was our only dog. Right now though, since life is fast paced, we are not getting another one. My husband and I decided that we would wait til our 3 year old grows up a bit. Her tonsils keep flaring up but since the dog hasn't been around, she's been rather healthy. So maybe it's best to wait....for now.

March: Caught up a lot in home-school subjects. My first grader has now completed first grade hooked on phonics and as I write this, we are almost done with the first book for second grade. She is reading better each day and she is learning to be more of an independent learner in some areas. Her sister will turn 4 soon and Pre-K is on the horizon. Little one is very excited to do "school" each day right now and is looking forward to next year. I also made Easter dresses this month and hope to find some family photos to post. I made a "fancy" peasant dress for each girl. I didn't want dresses that took a lot of time to make and I didn't want to buy some of the expensive dresses at the department stores whereby they will fall apart after washing. (Or are made not to wash at all!) I used fabric i had on hand, so the dresses didn't cost me anything other than time this year.

So far in April, I have been busy searching for the right homeschool curriculum for next year. I have also been cleaning through family closets and drawers. This way I can make a mental list of what my girls need for summer wardrobes. I think i will try to make most of those. They seem to have enought t-shirts to keep wearing and so I will probably make more knit and cotton shorts for hot Florida weather. This year, I also need to concentrate on myself some and make some decent shorts as well as light airy tops that look great for the weekend. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you will see some new boards for homeschooling, organization, sewing and dream closet ideas. While this blog may sometimes seem slow, my pinterest boards never get a rest while I'm researching things for homeschool and my family.

Well, time to go for now. I will be posting soon on some homeschool curriculum choices we have recently made as well as some schedules. So please feel free to follow me and always come back, Sew Hungry For More.