Monday, January 19, 2015

The TOP TEN uses for extra "Kids Meal" toys

TEN uses for all those extra “Kids Meal” toys:

As I go through and de-clutter the toys in my girls’ room, I sometimes wonder if it’s best to toss or re-use them. So here are ten things you can do with all those “kids meal” toys BEFORE completely throwing them away:

10. Give out at a garage sale. C’mon, we’ve all been there. It’s Saturday morning and you want to visit that garage sale to scope out the latest d├ęcor items for cheap. The catch is that you have the kids with you and they instantly… “MOM, look we don’t have that…Can we get it?” The truth is you might just be looking and don’t feel like wasting your change on some small toy that can wait till a birthday. So If I am hosting a yard sale, I usually give these things out. This makes another kid happy and they will remember you if you host another yard sale! ;)

9. Make a lamp or wreath with them! If you like spray paint them all the same color for a more modern look. Here is a link for a lamp. Please note that you may need to translate the site because it is not in English. Here is a link for a wreath.

8. Recycle as a Christmas ornament to remember that year. Take a permanent marker and remember to write the date as well as the child’s name. This link here is not with “kids meal” toys but with real toys…but I think you get the general idea for an easy DIY.

7. Glue them to a photo frame and use for that school year photo! C’mon, who doesn’t want their favorite movie character glued next to them on that fifth grade yearbook photo! This would also be a good way to match characters up to make a frame for the best Universal Studios or Disney trip frame.

6. Use extra toys as giveaways in your family chore store, your Sunday school surprise box or donate to a teacher to use in their classroom treasury.

5. Use them as accessories for 12” or 18” dolls. We once received miniature beanie babies as meal toys. Come to find out, they look great on Skipper’s new bed in the doll house! How cool is that!?

4. Use them with playdoh, in a sensory bin or outside in the dirt/sandbox. If they get all sticky or dirty, they can easily be rinsed and re-used. But bottom line, they can be tossed.

3. Donate to Operation Christmas Child in November. Remember to keep it in original packaging and do not donate any “war like” toys as that is the rule. The easiest way to remember to do this is to buy a shoe box now and label it OCC!

2. Use them as cupcake toppers for your next birthday party!! You heard me. Why buy rings when you can collect enough of these toys during the month to top 12 cupcakes or more. You may need help from family members or others on this one, but hey I don’t know too many people that won’t be crying over handing you over those extra toys!!

And our number ONE use for these toys:

1. Use as Bathtub toys! Yes, as long as they are not electronic, feel free to make them cheap bathtub toys. This not only keeps the better toys out of the tub, but no one feels bad if they are thrown away as they age or cannot be cleaned. (Squeaker toys tend to gather mold in them so we no longer use these.) Since bathtub toys can be a bit pricey this is a win-win for this momma!

So there you have it TEN ways to re-use those "Kids Meal" toys! Until next time...remember, come back SEW HUNGRY FOR MORE!!