Tuesday, July 29, 2014

De-cluttering some fabric and supplies

Do you ever just feel you need to let go? Well, I'm starting to weed out my fabric stash to let go some of the materials that I just can't use right now. I have a lot of vintage materials and supplies and I feel it's just time to start listing more of them. If you are interested, they are available in my Etsy shop, ARaneeDesigns.

If you look at the listings, I will try to include a suggestion on how to use the material. I know sometimes it takes a look and then thinking through ideas. The bad part about my stash is I have an idea for everything!! Hahaha. But I realize that I will never have the time to put all of them to work! So for now I will let go of some and keep trying to finish what I've started..

Included in this post are some pictures of the materials on my site. Feel free to click above on the hyperlink to purchase! Thank you all. And don't forget to come back, Sew Hungry for More!